Oct. 14th, 2014

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Trying really hard.

I've had to stop using milk.  Same reason as the Greek  yogurt. Too much sugar. I've replaced the yogurt with a half cup of cottage cheese. And I've been making my oatmeal with water this week.  Blech. Just not tasty at all. So tomorrow I'm trying unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk with my oats. Here's hoping that helps the flavor.

Now that I have the almond milk I may also start trying coffee again.  Haven't had a cup since I started working at home.  I have decaf coffee and agave syrup to go with the almond milk.  I almost don't see the point to even trying it but I did so love my coffee.

Bought some celery to go with the peanut butter I've been using as a snack. 

Stopped getting the soup I like from Vons because one of the main ingredients was corn.  Again, too much sugar. ::sigh:: So now lunch is either dinner leftovers (generally chicken) or tuna fish salad made with, at most, half the mayo I used to use and stone ground horseradish mustard. Also broccoli with balsamic vinagrette.

So, not including dinner,  that's pretty much my entire menu for the week.

Oh, I have some eggs to change it up on the weekends and I plan to get some more provolone string cheese sticks and some nuts to snack on.

I miss having something to drink other than water and the occasional unsweetened ice tea.

It seems to be working. Dropping the yogurt and milk brought my fasting glucose reading down from where it was, bouncing between the 120 & 140s down into the 110s.

I do wish the weight would go a little faster. Right now it's stuck between  255 and 252.

I'm anxious to get to where 253 sticks because that's -20 lbs.

Plateaus suck.


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