Feb. 20th, 2015

The purge

Feb. 20th, 2015 08:27 am
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All of my clothes have been gone thru, hung, folded, purged, organized as far as possible at this moment. There's a need for fabric drawers to put the lingerie in as opposed to the tote bags they've been living in. The tote bags are each assigned their own cube in the closet now, tho. They are not cluttering up the bedroom. Even pulled all my night clothes and a few other random items out of the linen closet. They've been in there so long that the black shirt I'm wearing, while otherwise clean, has ALLANAH'S fur on it!

Hint: Elspeth is 3 and a half and it.was.at least a few months before Jim could bring himself to love another cat.

I haven't worn 26/28 in over five years now. Almost all are gone from my closet. There might be a couple of drawstring peasant skirts. Most 22/24s are gone as well. Might be a sort our two left, and there's a couple of smaller cut jeans that still work. Other than that the only thing left in my closet are size 20 down to 14/16. Only one black tank, one skirt, and one sweater in 14/16 are new, bought for Jim's dad's memorial. The other 16s in the closet are 5 years old. There's still one pair of size 16 jeans I can't get into and two other pants that don't have tags, so at least I know I won't have to go nekkid when I finally managed to shed a few more pounds.

As to weightloss, I'm still bouncing between 239 and 244. I'm in mid bounce right now. But with the closet cleaned and organized I feel 20 pounds lighter than last week!


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