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Got to take up close pictures of this a little while ago at the D23 Fanniversarry event at the Disney Studio. I was so excited because, normally, when you see Disney artifacts at an event they are behind glass or out of reach. This was the Disney Archivist holding the hat in front of me, while I took pictures from inches away. I could have reached out and plopped it on my head. I'd have been black balled from ever going to an event as media again, but I COULD have. ;)


Oct. 15th, 2014 08:59 pm
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Worked 2 hours of OT.

Just did an hour on the wii fit because it was too dark to walk by the time I finished my OT. Waiting for DH to bring home dinner.  It will be fast food,  but at least it's a salad.

I was terrible and forgot to take my medicine at all yesterday.  In case anyone was wondering, that's a 20 point jump in fasting blood sugar even after a day that I was very good about what I ate. 

I am still plateau'd. Worse. I was up a pound today.  Grrr.


Oct. 15th, 2014 07:35 am
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With the advent of Live journal's new official mobile app, I will probably be doing a whole lot more cross posting here than I used to. I used to use LJ in exactly the way that I use FB. I just have a whole lot more contacts there.  That's both a blessing and a curse as a lot of the people there,  family members in particular,  have very strong opinions about what is OK to post.  Those opinions cut us off from our far flung support base. i.e. J's Dad's stroke and is current aftermath. (I will post more about this later).

I have a second Facebook name with a far more limited reach and very little crossover from the first. It's under the name my coven knows me by and is where I've been posting about things I don't want seen by the general public, but now, the fact that I can just tap on the LJ icon on my phone and not have to use the Google app to get here... I'll be far more likely to post here.

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Trying really hard.

I've had to stop using milk.  Same reason as the Greek  yogurt. Too much sugar. I've replaced the yogurt with a half cup of cottage cheese. And I've been making my oatmeal with water this week.  Blech. Just not tasty at all. So tomorrow I'm trying unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk with my oats. Here's hoping that helps the flavor.

Now that I have the almond milk I may also start trying coffee again.  Haven't had a cup since I started working at home.  I have decaf coffee and agave syrup to go with the almond milk.  I almost don't see the point to even trying it but I did so love my coffee.

Bought some celery to go with the peanut butter I've been using as a snack. 

Stopped getting the soup I like from Vons because one of the main ingredients was corn.  Again, too much sugar. ::sigh:: So now lunch is either dinner leftovers (generally chicken) or tuna fish salad made with, at most, half the mayo I used to use and stone ground horseradish mustard. Also broccoli with balsamic vinagrette.

So, not including dinner,  that's pretty much my entire menu for the week.

Oh, I have some eggs to change it up on the weekends and I plan to get some more provolone string cheese sticks and some nuts to snack on.

I miss having something to drink other than water and the occasional unsweetened ice tea.

It seems to be working. Dropping the yogurt and milk brought my fasting glucose reading down from where it was, bouncing between the 120 & 140s down into the 110s.

I do wish the weight would go a little faster. Right now it's stuck between  255 and 252.

I'm anxious to get to where 253 sticks because that's -20 lbs.

Plateaus suck.

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In 12 days, for the 5th year in a row, I will be be walking in the 2014 #CHOCWalk in the park to support the Children's Hospital of Orange County as they provide care, services, education and research that helps save the lives of children.

That means you still have 12 days to help me meet my goal. Please click to donate.

Every little bit helps! 2014-10-01 07.27.36
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In 13 days I will be walking in the 2014 CHOC WALK in the park to support the Children's Hospital of Orange County as they help take care of children suffering from diseases.

That means you still have 13 days to help me meet my goal.

Please click
to donate.

Every little bit helps!


Sep. 26th, 2014 09:44 am
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There's two weeks left before the 2014 ChOCWalk and still time to donate to help the Children's Hospital of Orange County help to care for the sick children of our community. Please click the link above and help me achieve my goal.

Here's a few pictures of the 2013 CHOCWalk to share with you what a special event this is.
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My weight for the last week (now that the scale is finally working again) has stayed pretty much between 265 and 262. Assuming that my scale is not far off from the scale at the Doctor's office, that's about a 10 pound loss.

I have not been able to go for walks the last couple of days as we have been trying to prep for the weekend.

My glucose has been staying mostly in the 120 range.

We are going to a destination wedding this weekend. There will be considerable cheating on the new regimen. It's planned, and I will have to remind myself when I step on the scale next Tuesday that it was my own choice and to not feel like a failure. Doesn't mean I'm going to throw ALL caution to the wind, but if I can't live a little when such a special occasion comes up, what's the point, right?

Once upon a time I was a size 26/28. That was, dunno....15 plus years ago? The last time I made an effort to lose weight i worked my way down to a definite 18, sometimes 16. When I put weight back on I settled in somewhere between 20 and 22. That's a REALLY inconvenient size because 18/20 is just too uncomfortable and 22/24 is just a little bit loose, necessitating the use of belts.

Today is laundry day. Which means I had to grab some clean jeans for last night's outing and the handiest thing was a pair of size 22s. I spent all evening hauling my pants up from one side or the other as we trudged through the mall trying to get the last few things we need for the wedding. Basically, If I didn't keep my hand at my hip, with my fingers through a belt loop, all it was going to take was a few steps and I was going to be putting on a show for all and sundry.

So we went to Torrid to try on some size 20 jeans. There were one or two of their jeggings that i could have worn, but I don't really appreciate seeing myself in skin tight clothing and decided that I need to take stock of my closet before I did any buying.

This morning i stated hauling out the jeans that have been sitting on my shelf for years now. The first thing, a pair of size 20 shorts, were terribly uncomfortable, though I could manage to get them buttoned. If i'd stopped there I'd have been very disheartened, but i kept going and it turns out I have a pair of size 20 black trousers that will do just fine. Got them as a Christmas gift and never wore them as i received them when my weight was on the upswing. Glad I never bothered with exchanging them now! I've not finished, but I've also already dredged up a pair of cropped jeans and a pair of casual black pants with a pretty stitching detail on one side. I even found one pair of size 18 jeans that fit perfectly if it weren't for the huge hole in the crotch. Those are off to donation bag.

Have to get off Facebook and finish getting ready. There's laundry to finish and packing to do before we can hop in the car (hopefully around noon) and head first to Ventura, which will be our base of operations for the weekend and then to Solvang.
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I've been a bit slow to get my fund-raising started as I sit on a computer all day at work and don't have a lot of motivation to sit at one while at home in the evenings. But I've got my CHOCWalk page up and running now.

Last year we raised $500. I'm trying to do better each year so I have set my goal at $250 higher than last year for a total goal of $750. Let's see how close we can get this year folks! I know we are all still stretching our money and every donation is appreciated, be it $5 or $500. Please donate what you can.

Beyond donating, I'm asking that you please assist me in my efforts by sharing my fundraising page link with your friends and family. If you or anyone you know would like to donate via check or any means other than my online page, please let me know

In addition, I'd be so happy if any of you wanted to join me in walking to raise needed funds to support the care, services, education and research that CHOC Children’s provides children in our community.

I'm so excited to see what we can accomplish this year!
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In recent months our apartment had been overtaken by boxes from Jim's work. Also, none of the Christmas boxes had been removed to the garage. When we got a 24 hour fire inspection notice on our door, which we discovered when we headed out to buy groceries late Sunday afternoon, the procrastination had to end.

Most of the Christmas stuff went to the garage. What didn't go to the garage (and what had never quite gotten put away) got packed and consolidated. Jim's work stuff got sorted through and consolidated. Empty boxes that had to be kept got sent to the garage and all of the boxes that were left now reside on the dining table.

Laundry got picked up and, once it got washed and dried Monday night, actually got folded and put away. It had to be, because it had been living on the aforementioned table.

It's amazing how reclaiming do much space in the apartment had made me so much happier to get home in the evening.

When there's so much to do, and you just can't muster the energy to do it, your home becomes less of a haven and more of a guilt ridden depression pit.

There's still cleaning to do, and we will never be uncluttery type people, but it's so much better than it was.
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#1 Being accused of whining when I thought I was sharing my wardrobe problem with friends who could understand.


#2 Friend of a friend intruding on my conversation with my husband with unintelligible noises indicating he thought I was whining when he was not part of my conversation at all


Pet peeve part 3: Knowing how I'd have liked to have responded 3 days too late and knowing that I never would respond that way because I suck at confrontation.


related: I'm going to force myself to assume my friend didn't notice her friends attitude towards me, because if she noticed, she ALLOWED it.


There will probably be more later,  on a more closely filtered post.

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We lost Mama Linda 10 years ago today.


With this date looming I've had this song stuck in my head...

I have been obsessively listening to my Jolly Beggar CDs.
'How Can I Keep From Singing' and 'Bells of Norwich' are particular favorites as well as 'Simple Gifts.'

...and I had to dig out my wedding photos


She is missed.

Post Script:
At 6:25 on the following video Mama Linda and the Beggars do 'Bells Of Norwich' and assure us that all shall be well again

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It starts before sunrise with everybody tracking down the other members in their group somewhere between Mickey & Friends and the Park. This early in the morning the trams aren't running so you have to walk along the tram route on foot. Lots of people stop to pose with the Halloween decorations along the way.

Once people have found their groups they flash their wristbands at the entry gate and enter the Park, then gather on Main Street USA. (Or, like last year, Buena Vista Street in DCA) It's wall to wall people waiting to start walking.

Individual groups may have special group tee shirts but most people will be wearing the CHOCWalk shirt they were provided at check in.

People will be carrying signs with pictures of children on them. Signs with joyful messages about children who have been helped by CHOC and how long they've been healthy. Signs showing children in the midst of treatment with hopeful messages of support. Signs with much sadder messages about children who didn't make it. Even these are signs of hope that by walking they can help save other families from suffering the same loss. Some of the signs are much larger banners held across the fronts of large teams; of walkers.

There's a bandstand at the top of the street with Disney dignitaries, including Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy, and Disney executives cheering people on as they are finally allowed to step off and begin their Walk.

The Walk winds around both Parks, through most of the Lands, through some back stage areas and ends in downtown Disney. When you cross the plaza there are teams of high school cheerleaders cheering you on and all along the route there are cast members doing the same. There are even face characters sprinkled along the route to pose with and encourage the walkers. I've seen princesses riding the carousel, the three fairies on the castle, Buzz ightyear and/or Storm Troopers in Tomorrowland, Cowboy Goofy in FrontierLand, Red the firetruck in Carsland, Phineas & Ferb over by The Little Mermaid ride. More, really than I can recall.

Through all of that, the most amazing thing is the energy. All those people gathered in one place to make a difference in the world. The mood is buoyant. Hope, and dedication, and feeling good that here is a way that they can contribute and not just sit back and leave it all to the doctors. I don't know that I can adequately describe it. It's just amazing.

Thanks to all of you I get to be there for the fourth time. Thank you so much for the donations and the reposting of the link. It is so appreciated!

I have reached 40% of my goal at $240. Can we make it to 50%? The link will follow in comments for those who are interested in helping with a donation. If you can't donate, or already have, please consider sharing this with your friends.


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