Aug. 2nd, 2011


Aug. 2nd, 2011 08:36 pm
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I'm participating in the annual ChocWalk in the Park. A fundraiser for Children's Hospital of Orange COunty.

This is my personal donation page.

I'm trying to get to at least $250.00

If you can help, thank you!

If you can't, just throw me a little positive energy on ChocWalk day, k?
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One week from now, after work, we drive to Riverside and my MIL's house. We are doing that so we can get up early and hop in the back of Jim and Leannes's car and take a road trip to Chicago.

That's right, we are DRIVING to Chicago with My in-laws. Three days in a car with them. I don't know if I'm ready for quite this much togetherness!

I figure I can use some of the time to try to read the book I've been trying to read for class for monts now. Aside from that we will have DVD players and there's always taking pictures of the side of th road, right?

The first night we will stay in Grand Junction, Colorado.

The second Night in Omaha, Nebraska.

Should be in Chicago the third Night.

We will be in Chicago to go to a wedding reception on Saturday and there will be a brunch the next day. We figure in puuting in an apperance at the brunch, but we are hoping to be ablke to rent a car for the day and drive ut to Bristol, as it's running now.

Aside form that, the plan is to be in Chicago until Thursday when we will fly home. We will be buying a City Pass, so we'll be doing a lot of the typical touristy stuff.

The City Pass includes the Hop on, Hop off Bus, and I want to go to the Aquarium. I also want to take a River cruise. Not sure of exactly what else is planned, I know we will be doing a bit of stuff with the family until Tuesday, but after they leave on Tuesday we have a day and a half to do whatever else we decide to do.

Starting to get excited!

And then, once we are home I will be attending Disney's D23 expo at the Anaheim Convention Center as back up for Will get to meet Brad, who has been arranging for me to go do the fabulous things I've gotten to do this last year. yay!


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